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The Jason Way

Jason Products are recognized for innovation and quality. Thousand of satisfied customers prove it.

When we choose the people who build and sell our products, we want the best. That's how we continually assure quality products and excellent follow-up service from a broad base of authorized Jason retailers. 

We use or own products every day. When we're satisfied that what we have works best, we know our customers will be satisfied, too. 

We're dedicated to consistent improvement, dependable quality, and continuing innovation. 

This powerful combination of goals is the key to Jason's success. 

No matter what Jason model you choose, you have our assurance that you are receiving the best value, and the best quality in the industry. Backed by our limited lifetime warranties and our authorized dealer network, you can be confident in your choice. 

Cyber Series

The very best in sleek design and futuristic styling defines the Cyber. The Cyber features wrap-over-the-rail design with trim-less edge, recessed all-glass side windows, Tri-Cell Roof Reinforcement and carpet lined interior on all models. The total LOOK!


The unique all-glass rear door with a rotary latch / lock system with Jason’s exclusive "Oval Lock" handle with “Lock Guard” , and our exclusive painted fiberglass bottom door skirt delivers the finishing touch.


If you are looking for a great SUV look and top quality, this is it!

Extreme Series

This premium truck cover comes with all the features you would expect for today's demanding lifestyle. The Extreme is a remarkable value.


The Extreme features an advanced design frameless - all glass – curved rear door with a rotary latch / lock system in the company of Jason’s exclusive "Oval Lock" handle with lock guard. Couple this with curved side all glass side windows you’ve got an Extreme look! Oh, did we mentioned, most models are offered with our painted fiberglass bottom door skirt.


One more item, Carpet Lined Interior and Tri-Cell Roof Reinforcement are standard features!


The Extreme simply belongs on your truck.

Zone Series

The Zone has unique features bring together three key components – Over the Top Styling, Value and Versatility.
With our custom fit technology, the Zone looks right on your truck. The handsome all-glass rear door with Jason’s exclusive oval twist handle moves the Zone to a different level.


The Zone can be configured to agree with your needs via a host of standard and optional equipment. When you build your Zone, consider all the available options. For example check out the new ADVANTAGE Option Group.


This premium line of truck caps exemplifies a spirited design that shows the passion we have for our products and our customers’ life style.

Force Series

The Force high-roof is Jason’s most spacious model. The high roof extends almost to the front of the cap and the oversized door is as big as you can get.


Standard are the double bays and sliding side windows offering plenty of visibility. There are a number of side window configurations intended to meet your needs.


If you often need to protect, secure and transport bulky items, the Force high-rise is ideal for you.


The Jason Force is a great value! They fit your budget and deliver superb style, quality, and fit & finish.

Trek Series

Full High roof / above cab design provides more interior volume plus an enlarged tailgate entry area makes it easier to arrange larger loads. Thus allows you to take advantage of all the room in your truck bed.


To sum it up: Maximum head room, easy access, great styling – ideal for leisure and commercial purposes.

Pace Series

The Pace - Cool Down to the Basics


Efficient Good Looks - No Extra Charge!

  • Sleek
  • Streamlined
  • Sporty
  • Affordable…..


All describe the value built into every Jason Pace Cab High.
These affordable caps deliver quality along with style and function. The Pace’s efficient good looks, reasonable price, limited lifetime warranty, and road-proven performance make it a great choice!


The Pace Cab High comes in two versions, one with the traditional fit; the other with the “Wrap Over – Skirted Side” design engineered to fit trucks with factory installed rail caps. Your Jason dealer will provide availability details.
A wide array of side window packages can be used throughout the line.
THE CUTTING EDGE – To ensure smooth, accurate window and door openings, Jason uses a high-pressure water jet cutting system. This assures that your window and door openings are precision cut for a trouble-free, watertight seal every time.

E-Series Cab Hi

The “E” in E-Series Cab Hi stands for Everything you need and Expect in a quality truck cap.


Why, because the Jason brand name is on it!


We recognize discriminating buyers are interested in products with exceptional value at an attractive price point!


For you … the E-Series is the right product.

E-Series High-Rise

Your wish --- Our dream…. A Fiberglass High-Rise starting at $1089…


How about the E-2 High-Rise: No Frills Cap with Just Lots of Space!


We recognize discriminating buyers are interested in products with exceptional value that carries an attractive price point! For you … the E-Series is the right product.

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