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Used Vehicle Reconditioning

Cleaning of carpet, mats, seats, dash and door panels. Vinyl and leather cleaned and conditioned.


Grease and oily grime removed.


BUFF & WAX: $125.00*
Buff out minor scratches and light oxidation. Wax exterior to a bright shine.


Includes all of the Above (Interior Clean, Engine Clean, Buff & Wax).


Add 10.00 for full size Vans & SUV’s

Vehicle Protection


Two decades of innovative product research and testing back up the quality and success of Paintguard. Without protection, your vehicle’s paint finish is easy prey for the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays–a hazard that can quickly cause oxidation and fading. With professional application, Paintguard’s exclusive formula bonds with and seals the paint surface creating a continuous, durable protective finish.


Spills, splatters, everyday mishaps, they’re almost unavoidable. With Fiberguard you have the advantage of intervening before minor accidents become major reminders. Designed to coat each fiber of your vehicle’s carpet and fabric upholstery, Fiberguard’s polymer based coating seals out stains from both oil and water based spills. Because Fiberguard bonds to individual fibers, the air spaces between fabric strands remain open and permit the upholstery to breathe. The texture, scent, and color of the original fabrics aren’t altered and spills slip into air pockets between fibers allowing for quick and easy clean up.


More than just a highly visible blight, rust can rapidly corrode the structural integrity of your vehicle. A single professional application of our exclusive rust blocking formula will protect your new vehicle from inner body rust for life. Perma-Plate’s exclusive process even protects your car from environmental hazards that may not be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. Using Rustguard’s advanced chemical formula your dealer will permanently seal your vehicle’s inner body metal surfaces. By adhering to the interior surfaces of fenders, doors, quarter panels, and other critical areas where trapped moisture from weather and condensation can collect, Rustguard protects areas that would otherwise become a hospitable environment for rust.


You’ll notice a difference when Soundguard’s dense, highly adhesive coating is applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle. A single professional application of Soundguard provides insulation from extremes in weather while reducing disturbing road noise by dampening vibrations. But what’s more, this powerful coating with rust inhibitors will protect the undercarriage of your new vehicle by sealing out moisture and deflecting road debris, sand, and salt for life.


Sun, excessive dryness, temperature extremes. Three demons that will swiftly decrease the value of your vehicle’s interior. Leatherguard is the most powerful leather and vinyl protector on the market. Professionally applied by your dealer, Leatherguard’s ultraviolet sunscreens and penetrating conditioners fight drying, fading, and discoloration on leather or vinyl seats, dashboards, interior trim, and stationary vinyl roofs. We’re as committed to the protection of your purchase as you are. With Leatherguard, your vehicle’s value will remain solid while its leather and vinyl features stay soft and supple.



Opticoat Ceramic Coating bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinetly and will not delaminate. A single layer of Opti Coat Pro + Ceramic can measure up to 2 Microns in thickness. Opticoat is typically 100X thicker, with tests showing a wax coating measuring less than .02 Microns. This allows Opti Coat  to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder Opti Coat ceramic coating, the factory paint is also protected and preserved. 


* Warranties are Available

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