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Headrest Monitor/DVD System

Replace your headrest in style with VizuaLogic™ PerfectMatch™ Headrest Monitor Systems. VizuaLogic is preassembled. Nobody cuts into your headrest. There’s no risk of human error. Only the assurance of interior style and quality mobile entertainment.


Mobile Video is the best vehicle accessory to come along since the radio first arrived on the scene. And Audiovox Mobile Video is the best you can get. Products include overhead systems, versatile video systems and the most unique headrests in the market.


Now mobile video culture comes to car buyers who insist on style as well as performance. VizuaLogic™ PerfectMatch™ Headrest and Visor Monitors are 100% OEM matches, even down to the stitching and the type of thread.


Nesa Vision Ceiling Mount Flip Down Monitor DVD Systems and other Mobile Video Products.


Nesa is committed to bringing only the finest craftsmanship and products to market and develops leading edge, high value mobile video products with a track record for reliability. Nesa products offer more than leading edge technology and bang for the buck starting with innovative sun visor kits and ceiling mount flip down monitor/DVD systems.

Mobile Satellite TV

Get Live Satellite TV Anywhere You Go!


Thanks to KVH Industries, mobile video has taken a giant leap forward. Now, the KVH TracVision® A5 mobile DIRECTV package lets you enjoy live satellite TV broadcasts in your car, van, or SUV — even while your vehicle is in motion! The package consists of a compact receiver, TracVision® antenna, and wireless remote control The revolutionary TracVision® antenna system mounts to the roof rack (either factory-installed or aftermarket) on your vehicle. The antenna features tamper-resistant mounting hardware, and its rugged plastic housing withstands hazards like wind, debris, inclement weather, and trips to the car wash.


Thanks to cutting-edge phased-array, satellite-tracking technology, the TracVision antenna offers superb reception, yet stands a mere 5″ tall and 32″ in diameter. The antenna connects to the DIRECTV receiver, which mounts conveniently in the vehicle’s interior; the receiver features a set of RCA audio/video outputs which send the DIRECTV signal to your vehicle’s existing mobile video system. The package is rounded out by a wireless remote for convenient system operation.


You’ll receive DIRECTV’s hundreds of satellite TV channels (and over 50 commercial-free music channels) anywhere in the lower 48 states (DIRECTV subscription required).

Overhead DVD

Today’s overheads are a far cry from the original RSEs that launched the mobile video industry not so many years ago. Our award winning product line continues to rack up the accolades as we bring innovative product to market year after year. Stop in to see what we can do for you!

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